Two men who were arrested after Ashland Police discovered they were driving a stolen SUV from Georgia have been arrested again for allegedly stealing a second vehicle in southern Aroostook County.

Kevin Bason and Joshua Brock charged in vehicle thefts
Aroostook County Jail

Joshua Brock of Georgia (photo right) and Kevin Bason of Texas were charged with stealing a Chevy Trailblazer from a Georgia family who had packed the SUV full of their belongings to escape Hurricane Matthew.

An Ashland police officer pulled the men over Sunday on Route 163 and discovered the vehicle had been stolen earlier this month.

Brock and Bason were taken to the Aroostook County Jail and released on Wednesday. Not long afterwards, State Police arrested the pair again for allegedly stealing another vehicle in Houlton, according to Ashland Police Chief Cyr Martin.

Brock remains behind bars, while Bason has been released on bail.

Martin said the family from Brunswick, Georgia arrived in Aroostook County Tuesday evening to pick up their vehicle and their belongings.

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