Thursday is a big day at Caribou High School as the Maine Army National Guard is recruiting and showcasing its career opportunities to students.

Blackhawk Helicopter Featured at Recruitment

A Blackhawk helicopter came in from Bangor and landed at the school around 8:45 a.m. to kick off the day. On board was the pilot, a medic and Command Sergeant Major Farag.

Watch the Blackhawk land in the soccer field behind Caribou High School:

Sergeant First Class Jeremy Burnside talked to us about the event. He’s been a recruiter in Aroostook County for nine years. He said it took about 2 months of planning with Guidance Counselor Tracy Corbin and Principal Dr. Eric McGough. Burnside said he is McGough’s recruiter and enlisted him in the Maine Army National Guard.

Showcasing Career Opportunities

The event features what the Maine Army National Guard offers. Burnside said “It's hands-on, cool stuff to look at and ask questions.” He said this type of event hasn’t happened in the years he’s been recruiting in the County.

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There are multiple stations representing different careers in the Maine Army National Guard, ranging from the medical field to military police and more. On sight, there’s a military ambulance, Humvees and heavy equipment. 

College Tuition Benefits

Sergeant First Class Burnside said there are different things to see to appeal to students who might be looking at the medical field or interested in law enforcement, Border Protection and customs or other areas of interest. “One of the benefits is the 100% tuition waiver for any University of Maine system and community college - what it means is being a part of the Maine Army National Guard, you can go to school and not pay tuition.”

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The day is organized with students splitting up into groups of 15 to 25. They spend about 10 to 15 minutes at each station to learn about a specific job. A total of about 600 students will be visiting the stations.

Burnside said “The purpose is to show the job skills to set a person up for a good career in civilian life.”

Maine Army National Guard Recruiting at Caribou High School

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