What happened to summer? 

Summer is over for students at MSAD #42 in Mars Hill as they go back to school today to begin the 2022-23 academic year. The district will release students for the harvest break on September 15. MSAD #42 serves students from Blaine, Bridgewater, E Plantation, and Mars Hill.

It's nice to see the faces

The start of this school year has the feel we had in 2019 before it all hit the fans. Students and teachers do not have to worry about having their masks with them and everyone can see the faces they missed over the summer break. Social distancing measures, which were the norm for the last two years, have been dramatically reduced.

MSAD 42 has a resilient group of students and staff 

Students and staff are looking forward to a fresh start as they move on to the next progressions in their education. The challenges of the last two years will hopefully make the 22-23 year a walk in the park for everyone. Events outside of the pandemic made the end of last year extra difficult for some students and teachers within the district. The communities and school came together to mourn the loss of one of their own last April, and the tight knit towns became closer. Working through all the adversity from March of 2020 will make for a group of determined and unflappable students.

"No fair, when do they go to school?" 

There will be more districts beginning school next week as Presque Isle high school students and Washburn schools go back in session. The 2022-23 school year is now here and I wish you all to have a safe, happy, and inspirational school year.

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