Back to school and empty chairs

There are some schools that have already begun the 2022-23 academic year, and the remainder of Aroostook County schools will begin classes in the coming days and weeks. While students are returning to a more "normal” year without masks and distancing, there are still many questions to be answered about the upcoming year. Primarily, how are we going to fill these positions?

This was coming way before the pandemic arrived 

Retirements and career changes have left many school districts locally, and statewide, in a scramble to fill positions for the upcoming school year. There are many ed tech, special education, bus driving, coaching, and teaching positions still open at many schools in our area. The best way to find out what positions are open at your school is to ask the administration at your school.  

Local openings

MSAD #1 in Presque Isle has several positions open that range from district wide coverage to a specific school and location. High school students in Presque Isle returned to school on Wednesday, with elementary and middle school students due back on September 6. To view current openings, visit this Facebook page, and go here for an application.  

MSAD #20 in Fort Fairfield has a need for bus drivers, custodians, and ed techs. You can view and apply here. MSAD #29 in Houlton has numerous positions open across the district as they prepare for the return of students the week of August 29.

This might be the right time for you to enter the education field 

These school districts are just a few of the many across the State that are struggling to fill positions that have been opened up for a variety of reasons. It's not too late to make a career change, and you can make a difference immediately in your community.

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