You'll have goosebumps and tears 

A truly magical and unbelievable moment unfolded during the Presque Isle and Ellsworth girls' soccer playoff game on Tuesday night. An emotional and difficult week for the Presque Isle girls’ team as they found themselves helping teammates and friends grieve the unimaginable loss of their father way too soon.  

I documented a few days ago my experience the night of October 19 when the team was delivered the news that the Marston sisters had unexpectedly lost their father as they were about to take the field for a scrimmage against Houlton. As deep as the emotions were that night, they got even deeper on Tuesday evening.

For the win 

These girls as a team have been tightly knit and stuck together throughout the past week. Going into overtime tied 2-2 you could sense something spectacular was about to happen. I had worked a game in another town and then quickly got back to Presque Isle in hopes of catching some of the game. I arrived just as overtime was beginning. Then this happened. Miss Marston with the assist on the game-winning goal to her teammate Olivia Locke.

The pass from Marston to Locke is a game-winning play. It's a smart play and pass. It's like your dad was right there telling you where to make the next play. Wow.

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Amazing. Surreal. Joyful. Those are just a few of the words I would use to describe the feeling at the Johnson Athletic Complex on Tuesday night. The roar of the crowd is something I will never forget. The entire community was letting out a heap of emotions built up over the past week. This is a moment you'd see in a movie. Just one week earlier I watched all of these girls have their worlds rocked and shook to the core. On Tuesday night I got to watch them all celebrate and embrace each other in a moment of joy. They needed this. I needed this. After seeing all of you in so much pain on that same field a week ago it warmed my heart and spirit to see you all in a moment of joy. Girls, you are inspiring us all. Watch the celebration continue.


These girls got the big group hug they all needed. Watching you all go into the locker room to celebrate had a much different feel to it than it did last week. There were plenty of tears both times, but these tears were magical. Ellsworth you played a fantastic game and it is a shame that someone had to lose this game, but you were extremely gracious accepting a difficult defeat. Presque Isle will take on Old Town in the semifinal round on Saturday.

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