Crown of Maine Balloon Fest 2022

The 18th annual Crown of Maine Balloon Fest is Thursday, August 25 through Sunday, August 28 in Presque Isle, Maine at the Northern Maine Fairgrounds.

Every year, the event draws thousands of people to see the balloons high in the sky and take part in all the fun events and activities.

The Ribbon Burn

One of the things to look forward to every year is the ribbon cutting - or ribbon burning.- at the Crown of Maine Balloon Fest.

It’s exciting to watch and truly something you don’t see anywhere else. It might even take you by surprise if you’re new to the event.

Watch the Video

We have video of the burn from a couple of years ago. It’s incredible to see. Everyone gathers around and the pageant queens are representing.

Only in the County

Do you see this happening anywhere else? We looked for footage of other balloon fests burning the ribbon like this. The result - we did not find anything like it.

Safety First

The important thing is to keep everyone safe. The crew at the Crown of Maine Balloon Fest are the best in the business. Everyone at this burn was taking extra precautions to make sure it was done right.

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Share Your Videos

If you have a video of a COMBF ribbon burn, we’d love to see it. Share it in the Facebook messages for all to enjoy.

Schedule of Events

Watching the balloons soar across Aroostook County is a real big highlight at the huge community event. The food is also a big attraction as vendors set up with a wide variety of menus. The arts and craft fair draws a lot of people in to see creative products for sale. See the full COMBF schedule. We’ll see you at the 2022 Crown of Maine Balloon Fest. 

Crown of Maine Balloon Fest 2018

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