Warriors living up to their name by being a Warrior for others

If anyone wonders why we all choose to live in northern Maine, Tuesday evening in Fort Kent was a great example of why we love it here. The Fort Kent Warriors girls' soccer team was taking on Caribou, but the game wasn't the only story of the night.

The game was secondary to the cause of the night

This week the Fort Kent Community School system is bringing awareness to cancer and raising money for a local charity that supports individuals and families in the St. John Valley that are going through their cancer journey. The Edgar J. Paradis Cancer fund has supported over 1600 families in the Valley since it was established in 1978.

Courtesy Angela Landeen
Courtesy Angela Landeen

Where's the green machine? 

The Fort Kent girls’ soccer team wore orange shirts and hair bows instead of their typical green and white uniforms for their game on Tuesday. On Wednesday evening, the Fort Kent boys’ soccer team will be wearing pink uniforms when they take on Caribou. Before both games the teams warmed up with local youth on the field. This is an amazing experience for the little ones as they got the chance to warm up with the big kids under the lights with the music pumping.



It's time to fill up those donation buckets 

Players from both teams have been going around and collecting donations from the crowd on both nights. The boys were collecting funds during the girls' game on Tuesday, and the girls will be walking around during Wednesday's game. It is difficult to describe how special this night felt, it's something we see often in Aroostook County, the community helping out everyone. I enjoy seeing today's teens taking an active role in their community, and setting the example for the younger children that look up to them.

Take a bow, Fort Kent

Well done, Fort Kent and surrounding communities. These two nights are making the Valley are ensuring that those around you can have some of their burdens eased during some of their worst times in life. To learn more about the Edgar J. Paradis fund you can go to the website here. By the way, the game finished with Fort Kent picking up a 4-1 victory over Caribou. Thank you to Angela Landeen for some of the photos from the evening and for the details on the event.

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