A 62-year-old man died Friday morning after falling through the ice on Quakish Lake in T3 Indian Purchase Township.

Maine Man Died after Falling through the Ice

The Maine Warden Service said Walter Demmons from Milford and a friend were drilling holes in the ice around 9:30 am to check the thickness to go ice fishing.

Men Heard the Ice Crack and Spread Out

They heard the ice crack and “spread out in an attempt to not break through, but the ice broke, and both fell into the water about 75 yards from shore,” said Mark Latti, Communications Director, Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife.

Wardens: “he said was not going to make it”

“The two were communicating with each other as they tried to get out of the water and back onto the ice, but Demmons suddenly said he was not going to make it and his friend saw him submerged beneath the water surface, and never came back up,” said Latti. The friend called 911.

Maine Warden Service
Maine Warden Service

Ice Rescue Raft Used to Retrieve his Body

Warden Bob Johansen and the Brownville Fire Department used an Ice Rescue Raft to retrieve Demmons from the water.

Body Taken to Funeral Home

His body was taken to the Lamson Funeral Home in Millinocket. The friend was treated for hypothermia at the Millinocket Regional Hospital. His name and age were not released.

First Responders

First responders on the scene included Game Wardens, the Millinocket Fire Department and the Brownville Fire Department.

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