A new Hall of Fame is set to open 

The Caribou Vikings Athletic Hall of Fame is set to induct its inaugural class on June 18 to open the shrine to the history of the schools' athletics programs. This year the Vikings Athletic Hall of Fame will welcome 15 individuals and 1 team as part of the first class in the hall's history.  

Vikings Pride 

Caribou High School athletics has a long history and the story will live on forever in the new Hall of Fame. This year's inductees go as far back as the 1940's and feature a mix of female and male athletes along the way. Perhaps most known for being the starting ground for successful businessmen, politicians, and astronauts, Caribou high school athletics have produced Olympians and have been a catapult for the development of future leaders. As we get closer to the induction ceremony in June, we will provide you with a profile of the athletic contributions made by the individuals in the inaugural class. Congratulations to the following GOAT's of Caribou High School Athletics.  

2022 Caribou Vikings Athletics Hall of Fame Inductees 

Team Inductee 

The 1969 Boys basketball team from Caribou will be inducted into the Hall in June. The Vikings won the Class LL State Championship in grand fashion, on a Mike Thurston buzzer-beater which has lived on in Maine history. Team members on the 1969 team were Quentin Blackstone, Paul Belanger, Paul Cary, Peter Curran, Ron Ericson, Dave Ferguson, Mike Kelley, Roger Kelley, Jeff Jose, Dave McElwain, Paul Miller, Larry Murphy, Pau Nadeau, Keith Rockwell, Steven Sperry, Bob Stedt, Jerry Stedt, and Mike Thurston. 

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Individual Inductees 

Jeffrey Alden 2002 – Cross Country running, Track and Field, Skiing 

Melissa "Missy” Belanger 1984 – Basketball, Golf, Softball, Volleyball 

Lindsay Paradis (Burlock) 2004 – Basketball, Soccer, Track and Field  

Russell Currier 2006 – Skiing 

Robert "Bob” Cyr 1958 – Coach and Administrator, Basketball  

Carlin Dubay 2008 – Soccer, Track and Field, Wrestling 

Gerald "Gerry” Duffy – Coach and Administrator, Basketball 

Bruce Freme 1974 – Cross Country running, Track and Field 

Chris Funk 1995 – Basketball and Soccer 

Dwight Hunter – Coach and Administrator 

Peter S. Kelley 1959 – Basketball 

Emery "Flash” Plourde 1940 – Cross Country running, Snowshoeing, Track and Field

Monica Selander-Han 2005 – Basketball, Soccer, Track and Field  

Anna Van Der Rhee (Sprague) 2000 – Cross Country, Skiing 

Jennifer Wyman 1985 – Basketball, Field Hockey, Track and Field 

Congratulations to the 15 inductees and the 1969 Basketball Team on their honor!

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