Need a little luck? Ask these guys 

The mega-millions jackpot rose to over $1.3 billion last week before the winning numbers were drawn, belonging to an individual in Illinois. Right here in Aroostook County, there were three people who should have tried their luck at the big jackpot because it was clear they had a stroke of good luck on their sides.

At the base of the Mountain is where you can find your aces

Golfers have been hitting the local links with the perfect midsummer conditions now here. At the Mars Hill Country Club on Friday there were (2) holes-in-one recorded. That's two aces on the same course in the same day. John White put the ball in the cup from the tee boxes of hole #8 in Mars Hill. This hole plays around 130 yards but is made more difficult by the ravine placed between the green and tee box. Longtime member Adam Metzler aced the #15-hole par 3. The hole is around 125 yards but plays much further with the uphill slope and bunkers surrounding the front of the green.  

How lucky can one guy get? 

Presque Isle Country Club held their club championship over the weekend, one week after the Spudland Open. During the opening of the club championship, Adam Kingsbury got a hole-in-one on the par 3 hole #8. This is the second time in three years that Kingsbury has aced the 8th hole and I'm told he was wearing the exact same outfit both times. For those interested, Ralph Michaud was the winner of the Presque Isle CC club championship over the weekend. 

Once again congratulations to John White, Adam Metzler, and Adam Kingsbury on your aces. There is plenty of golf season left for anyone out there to get their next ace.  

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