Closing out the morning session

The Caribou Vikings came into the Class B North girls basketball tournament as the #8 seed and were taking on #1 Old Town.  

Old Town finished the regular season 17-1 while the Vikings finished 9-9. Caribou defeated Houlton in the preliminary round to advance to Bangor. 


1st Quarter 

Old Town put on an offensive onslaught in the first quarter, showing why many have them as the favorite in Class B this year. The Coyotes made (4) three-point field goals as a team and were led by Sydney Loring's 10 points. Old Town got 8 points from Madelyn Emerson with Makayla Emerson scoring 5 points and Saige Evans scored 2 points. Madelyn Deprey scored 4 points for Caribou with Selena Savage scoring 3 points and Abby Leahy made one free-throw. At the end of the first quarter the score Old Town 25 Caribou 8 


2nd Quarter  

Old Town continued to use a balanced attack in the second quarter and dictating the pace of play. Madelyn Emerson and Loring scored 4 points apiece with Madelyn Arsenault scoring 3 points. Kilee Bradeen and Saige Evans also added 3 points apiece. For Caribou Leahy scored 4 points with Ashlynn Bouchard and Savage scoring 3 points apiece, and Deprey added a free-throw. Going into halftime the score Old Town 42 Caribou 19 

3rd Quarter 

The veteran Coyotes from Old Town continued to dominate play in the third quarter as the Vikings struggled to find any clean looks at the hoop. Makayla Emerson scored 3 points for Old Town with Madelyn Emerson, Lexi Thibodeau, and Loring each scoring 2 points apiece, and Evans added a free-throw. Ashlynn Bouchard drilled a deep three-point field goal for Caribou with Leahy adding 3 points and Gabbie Sutherland scored 2 points. At the end of three quarters of play the score Old Town 52 Caribou 27 


4th Quarter 

Old Town closed out Caribou in the fourth quarter with relative ease. Madelyn Emerson scored 7 points and finished with a game-high of 21 points. Evans scored 4 points in the quarter and finished with 10 points. Aresenault scored 3 points with Gabrielle Cody scoring 2 points. Sydney Loring scored 16 points on the morning for Old Town. Selena Savage scored 5 points in the fourth quarter and finished with a team-high of 11 points. Bouchard scored 3 points and totaled 9 points, Leahy scoring 2 points and finishing with 10 points for Caribou. Final score Old Town 68 Caribou 39

Old Town - Caribou Girls Quarterfinals

The #1 Old Town Coyotes played #8 Caribou in the final Class B Girl's Quarterfinal on Saturday morning, February 19th at the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor

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