Feeling a little hungry? 

If you have been through the downtown of Mars Hill over the last year you may have noticed some changes that have been taking place. The building that was once known as ER Grew and Sons Clothing Store has been torn down and a new building was constructed on the same site. A popular seafood truck has now become a sit-down restaurant experience and has helped transform the look of downtown.

The Rusty Crab in Mars Hill, ME
The Rusty Crab in Mars Hill, ME

Come on in and take a seat

The Rusty Crab has been in operation since 2011 serving up fresh seafood in a variety of ways and has become a "must do” for many people near and far. Rusty Johnston has seen a dream become a reality as he now operates a full-scale sit-down restaurant in Mars Hill. The family run restaurant moved out of the truck and has been in their new home for just about a month and the reviews from customers are all thumbs-up.

What's new, besides the building? 

Fresh seafood is still on the menu and a must have if you are planning to be a regular at Rusty Crab, but the menu has expanded and now includes breakfast, pizza, and a bar. I have been told by multiple people that the breakfast and new menu selections do not disappoint. The inside of the restaurant is very clean, modern, and simple, making for a comfortable dining experience. Great food. Great setting. Great service. What else are you looking for in a restaurant? The Rusty Crab has delivered on all fronts for anyone looking to try a new place to eat.

Now the choice is yours

The Rusty Crab is open Wednesday-Sunday 6:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. You can dine in or call in an order ahead of time at 207-540-4343. Be sure to follow The Rusty Crab Facebook page.

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