Hackers have released hacked data from the Presque isle Police Department after threatening to do so if a ransom was not paid.

According to the Bangor Daily News, PIPD reports were put on the black web which included almost 15,000 emails and statements from witnesses - some that date back to the 1970’s. In all, over 200 gigabytes of data were released.

Information about the hack at the Presque Isle Police Department came out in mid-April using Avaddon ransomware. The Presque Isle Police were given 10 days to pay the ransom or the group would start putting the data on the dark web.

The police department and Presque Isle officials contacted the FBI to make them aware of the attack on the servers. PIPD was able to restore some of the data from a backup.

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Time to pay the ransom expired at the end of April, but the data was not released right away. Officials said the cybercriminals gave the PIPD and the city more time to pay the ransom.

The Bangor Daily News said it is not known if the city or the Presque Isle Police Department paid any of the ransom. BDN reached out to the Presque Isle city manager, Marty Puckett, to confirm information, but did not receive a response.

The Presque Isle Police Department is located at 43 North Street in the City of Presque isle. The Chief of Police is  Laurie Kelly. The City Manager of Presque Isle, Maine is Martin Puckett. Presque Isle City Hall is located at 12 2nd Street. The phone number is (207) 760 - 2700.

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