There have been several reports in recent weeks of vehicles being broken into and items missing in residential neighborhoods in Presque Isle. Many of the incidents I have been informed of have occurred in neighborhoods on the northern and western part of Presque Isle. A truck was stolen from a home on Hillside Street sometime in the late-night hours of Sunday into the early hours of Monday morning.

As you can see the truck has a nice red color and should be easily identified by anyone who may be looking for the vehicle. The 2005 Nissan Frontier was parked in the driveway of the owner's residence when it was stolen. If you have any information on this case, or if you believe you have seen the truck you should immediately call the Presque Isle Police Department at 207-764-4476 or contact them on Facebook. If you happen to see Hunter's truck outside of the Presque Isle area, please call the local Sherriff's Office or the State Police. 

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This morning a black 2012 Kia Rio Hatchback was stolen from the driveway of the owner in Fort Kent. The theft took place at the residence on Audibert Street and there is footage of the theft. If you have any information on this vehicle, please contact the State Police. Below is a picture of the car and the video of the theft last night.


The trend of vehicle break-ins and thefts has become too common across Aroostook County. Houlton dealt with multiple vehicle thefts and break-ins this summer, and a truck was stolen with the owner's dog inside the vehicle was taken from the Star-City IGA parking lot in July. Much like the incident in July, we hope that this will end in the vehicle being recovered and returned to the owner. The owner of the Nissan Truck is just starting out in life and worked hard to pay for the truck. Let's track the truck down and return it to Hunter.

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