There have been two arrests made in the incident from Tuesday night involving a truck being stolen from the parking lot of Star-City IGA in Presque Isle. After stealing the truck, a high-speed chase ensued to Short Street in Caribou. The truck had been ditched and the occupants of the vehicle fled the scene. 


Who are the people of interest? 

Authorities say that they have arrested 25-year-old Joseph Oldenburg and 29-year-old Macie Jones. Both of the potential offenders are residents of Caribou. Oldenburg is believed to have been the one operating the stolen Ford F150, and Jones was his passenger on the joyride.  

It is not yet clear when and where Oldenburg and Jones ditched the Bernese Mountain dog named Finn who was in the truck at the time it was stolen. After a plea was put out by multiple agencies on Facebook, the dog was located on the Egypt Road in Westfield.  

Your name is familiar

There are several charges that are being laid against Oldenburg and Jones. Macie Jones is charged with unauthorized use of property and violations of bail conditions. Jones has an extensive record and has recently served a 15-month prison sentence. Joseph Oldenburg faces a felony charge of alluding officers as well as refusal to submit to arrest. He is also charged with theft by unauthorized use of property, recklessness, and cruelty to animals. There is a possibility that more charges could be filed as the investigation into the incident continues.  

If you have any information on this incident, you can contact the Presque Isle Police Department of the Caribou Police Department.  

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