The Presque Isle Police Department has released more details in the incident on Dupont Drive on Sunday. According to WAGM-TV, the charges include aggravated reckless conduct, criminal threat with a dangerous weapon, possessing a loaded gun inside a vehicle, and for discharging a gun in a residential neighborhood.  

Bullet hole in the driveway Via Mark & Megan Shea JC/TSM

18-Year-old Mason Langille, of Mapleton, woke the neighborhood of Dupont Drive and surrounding areas, between midnight and 12:15 a.m. Sunday. Many residents of Dupont Drive, Cedar St, Maple St, Dudley St, and Harvest Lane were woken up to multiple rounds of gunfire. Some witnesses have said that they saw a truck driving recklessly in the area, around the time of the gunshots.  

One family has been kind enough to allow us to share their photos from their property on Sunday morning. This is a heavy populated neighborhood of Presque Isle with Mantle Lake Park and Pine Street School close by. There were no injuries to report, which is a miracle! Residents in the area were asked to search their properties on Sunday because it was believed that Langille had hidden a loaded AR-15 rifle somewhere along his path of terror. The weapon was discovered and was secured by the PIPD in the early afternoon.  

VIa Mark & Megan Shea
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Via Mark & Megan Shea JC/TSM
Several bullets landed on the lawn, driveway, and other areas around the house. Via Mark & Megan Shea JC/TSM
This is believed to be where one of the many bullets were found to have struck. Via Mark & Megan Shea JC/TSM
Via Mark & Megan Shea JC/TSM

Mason Langille is currently being held at Aroostook County Jail on $10,000 bail. The public came together fast to help the local law enforcement work diligently and quietly. Many residents had submitted security footage that was helpful towards piecing together the incident from start to finish. The police presence on Sunday was very controlled and subtle. Their work during another public threat is a testament to the continued solid force we have protecting the streets.

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