Here come the back-to-back defending State Champions

Fresh off their upset of Presque Isle the Caribou Vikings closed out the regular season hosting Washington Academy on Thursday evening. The two-time defending state champions came into the final game with a 4-13 record and Washington Academy brought a 5-12 record to Caribou.

The two teams were less than 2 heal points apart in the standings, meaning the outcome could alter the matchups in the preliminary rounds drastically. 

Caribou Boys 2021-22
Caribou Boys 2021-22

1st Quarter 

Braeden Sargent picked up where he left off by leading the Vikings in the first quarter, making (2) three-point shots and scoring 8 points. Reece Cavagnaro made a three-point shot and scored 7 points with Ari Plante also making a three-point field goal. Ayden Wannamaker scored 6 points on (2) three-point field goals for Washington Academy. At the conclusion of the first quarter Caribou led 18-10.

2nd Quarter 

Wesley LaPointe was the star of the second quarter, hitting (3) three-point field goals and scoring 13 of Caribou's 15 points in the quarter. Avery Thibodeau scored 2 points for the Vikings as they went into halftime with a 33-20 lead.

3rd Quarter 

Avery Thibodeau led the Caribou offensive attack in the third quarter with LaPointe, Tristan Robbins and Kaymen Sargent each scored 4 points. Liam Dee, Ari Plante, Reece Cavagnaro each scored 2 points for Caribou in the third quarter. Wannamaker scored 10 points for WA who trailed at the end of three quarters by a score of 53-40.

4th Quarter 

Washington Academy ran out of steam and Caribou was able to close out the Raiders to pick up the win. Plante scored 7 points in the fourth quarter for the Vikings with Robbins adding 4 points, Kaymen Sargent scoring 3 points, and Logan Griffeth scored 1 point. Wesley LaPointe finished the game with 17 points to lead Caribou, with Plante totaling 12 points in the game. Cavagnaro scored 9 points and both Braeden Sargent and Avery Thibodeau scored 8 points. Ayden Wannamaker led WA with 19 points and Brandon Porter scored 12 points. The final score Caribou 68 Washington Academy 47. 

Caribou finishes the regular season with a 5-13 record and will likely travel to Mount View in next week's preliminary round.

Caribou and Presque Isle Boys Varsity 2-9-22

Scenes from the Presque Isle at Caribou Boys Varsity basketball game on February 2, 2022

Presque Isle at Caribou Girls Varsity Basketball 2-9-22

Images from the varsity girls game between Caribou and Presque Isle on February 2, 2022. Presque Isle won the game 58-48.

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