There was a time here in the State of Maine when purchasing alcohol couldn't be done on certain days. In fact, Maine was the first state in the nation to start passing alcohol prohibition laws in 1846, then even stricter statutes in 1851. The rest of the nation followed suit. Then, following World War I, prohibition was repealed nationwide in 1933, and Maine repealed prohibition laws the following year in 1934.

Some Maine towns still remain 'dry' towns to this day but Maine laws through the years have relaxed to eventually allow Mainers to purchase alcohol at 5 AM on any day of the week at this point in history.

After the lifting of prohibition laws in 1934, there was one particular day when buying alcohol was illegal which may be surprising to us Mainers now. Few Mainers may actually remember it as the law.

This one particular day noted as a 'dry day' is coming up soon for us Mainers which may be a day that we Mainers do our most Patriotic duty as Americans, one that makes our voice count.

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Laws, provisions, and bans change with time. But, this law in 1942 made it so Mainers could not purchase alcohol on one particular day, a statewide primary, which for us is actually coming up on June 14th.

Here's how it's worded:

"Business hours for state stores. State stores shall not be open on Sundays, court holidays or on the day of the holding of a general election or statewide primary or between the hours of 12 o’clock midnight and 9 A. M.,
and the liquor commission is hereby authorized to regulate the opening and closing hours of each store within the provisions of this act.”

I came across this going through Maine's digital archives, a pastime that I never realized could be such a time suck.

Just another random piece of Maine history to bring with you to the next trivia night at your local pub.

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