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Believe it or not, the school year has reached the final quarter for the 2021-22 academic year. For many local schools the third quarter recently closed, and districts have begun announcing the honors for the third quarter.

Van Buren recognizes academic honors 

Van Buren District Schools released their third quarter academic honors for middle school and high school. The students that excelled in the classroom were distinguished by having achieved honors or high honors in the quarter. The following list will include students named to the honor roll in grades 5-12.  

Congratulations to the following students: 

Grade 5 Honors 

Taylor Adams 

Cameron Casey 

Alex Deschaine 

Louie Hebert 

Emily Lapierre 

Madelyn Marquis 

Ava Perkins 

Mya Perkins 

Hailey Sirois 

Geraghty Smith 

Grade 6 Honors 

MakaylaJean Truman 

Grade 6 High Honors 

Rylie Bouchard 

Dominic Burgess 

Shaeleigh Buskirk 

Kaydence Gagnon 

Amelia Parent 

Emma Parent 

Duncan Rix 

Grade 7 Honors 

Ashlyn Bouchard 

Ashton Chasse 

Emma Grivois 

Ethan Morin 

Nathaniel Taggart 

Grade 7 High Honors 

Natalie Beaulieu 

Gavin Gagnon 

Alexander Violette 

Grade 8 Honors 

Emma Lausier 

Elijah Pinkham 

Grade 9 Honors 

Savannah Anderson 

Adam Ayotte 

Grade 9 High Honors 

Jessica Fortin 

Savannah Power 

Eliza Shankland 

Matthew Verret 

Grade 10 High Honors 

Emily Bourgoin 

Isaac Bresett 

Audrey Caron 

Grade 10 High Honors 

Mallory Beaulieu 

Addion Davis 

Xavier Deschaine 

Levi Duplessis-Pinkham 

Samuel Hebert 

Joshua Smith 

Quinn Smith 

Grade 11 Honors 

Alec Ayotte 

Avery Ouellette 

Damion Willis 

Grade 11 High Honors 

Sherry Dionne 

Henry Hebert 

Aidan Stanco 

Elyssa Violette 

Grade 12 Honors 

Erik Rossignol 

Grade 12 High Honors  

Tyler Bresett 

Caroline Coats 

Olivia LaJoie 

Brady LaPlante 

Eric LaPlante 

Kylie-Michelle LaPlante 

Renee Lapointe 

Blake Martin 

Rudy Quinonez 

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