The University of Maine, Presque Isle said:

As part of its response to the evolving COVID-19 situation and to best protect the health and well-being of the campus and the community, the University of Maine at Presque Isle is implementing a policy that limits the use of its public spaces.

Starting on Monday, March 16, all public spaces at UMPI--including the Campus Center, Gentile Hall, the Center for Innovative Learning, and the Houlton Higher Education Center--will be closed to the general public. These spaces will remain available to students, faculty, and staff (as well as tenants at the Houlton Center) to allow them to continue utilizing services in these spaces. Students, whether they are among the small group that need to remain in the residence halls or are travelling from the local community, will have access to these facilities.

This effort is being undertaken to strengthen the University’s social distancing strategy and reduce demands on facilities and public safety staff that are implementing responses to this public health emergency. While this change will create unavoidable disruptions for individuals and community programming, University officials noted that it is necessary given the unprecedented public health situation that continues to develop. 

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