The University of Maine at Presque Isle recently announced the Dean's List for the 2021 spring semester. There is no longer a distinction between highest honors, high honors, and honors students. Congratulations to all of the students who excelled during a challenging academic year.

Ashland - Danielle Boyles, Amber Angie Chasse, Morgan B. Doughty, Jessica Jean Jimmo, Marissa R. Michalka, and Mason Moro 

Blaine - Lane Bryant Grass, Ashlee Mae Harris, Annika Marie Nicholas, and Ethan N. Pryor Sr 

Bridgewater - Nicole N. Caddell and Mitch John Grass, 

Caribou - Eric Daniel Bagley, Emma Katherine Belyea, Abbie Caron, Paige Anna Espling, Alyssa Sue Harrington, Erin L. Jandreau, Michael James Knapp, Logan Bradley Lusardi, Molly Dee McCrossin, Marisa J. Michaud, Jackie Morrow, Monique A. Nadeau, Jon D. Ouellette, Jacob Oneil Ouellette, Hope Anna Shea, Spencer Soucy, Tiffany Joanne Stewart, Michael Patrick Sullivan, Megan L. Tucker, Ashley Jane Violette, Nathan S. Wall, and Karlee J. Willett 

Castle Hill - Hillary M. Morton and Anna Ruth Rollins 

Chapman - Charlotte Evelyn Carrier 

Connor Township - Caragan A. Haney 

Cross Lake - Raul E. Lorenzoni 

Danforth - Chloe Crone 

Dyer Brook - Lacy J. Boisvert 

Easton - Haley Marie Ambrose, Renée Alise Browning, Kathleen L. Haney, Allyn B. Ladner, and Brooke Ann Wilcox 

Fort Fairfield - Miranda Corbin, Emma Lee Edgecomb, Shelley Lynn Everitt, Jonathan Ray Guimond, Claire M. Hemphill, Joshua Kevin Peers, Nate Reynolds, Dawson Mark Watson, and Seth Michael Woodman 

Fort Kent - Des Marie Dumais and Madison Meg Saucie 

Frenchville - Lexi Rena Albert, Abby Ashley Lavoie, Kelly Marie Pelletier, and Casey A. Tardif 

Hodgdon - Hannah Lea Elland, Lauren McGillicuddy, and Sammy Seder 

Houlton - Sarah Anne Bouchard, Aspen E. Flewelling, Owen Shane Gallop, Gabriella M. Guiod, Kimberley A. Maguire, Haylee Louise Marino, Addy Mary Ruth Michaud, James Poullaides, Lexy Proulx, Zach Kyle Quint, Peter Nathanial Rogers, Kiersten Tuttle, and Tim James Strong Youngfellow,  

Island Falls – Gavin M. Vining 

Limestone - Marissa Lee Brouette, Becca Lynn Dillenbeck, and Taylor Faye LaBreck 

Linneus - Jake N. Worthley 

Littleton - Jasmine Marie Rockwell 

Ludlow - Amelia J. Ivey 

Madawaska - Olivia Rianna Delano-Ecker and Hannah E. Nadeau, 

Mapleton - Gavin Hunter Akeley, Meghann O. Collins, Griffin P. Guerrette, Emily Ann Wheaton, and Caleb Anthony Wheaton 

Mars Hill - Kianna Caissie, Kayla Cote, Zack Lee Crouch, Chandler Wayne Garrison, Jacki Ann Gillen, and Mersaydez Johnston 

Monticello - Tara Chalene Chaloux 

Patten - Aly Morgan Barylski and Jordyn Gardner 

Perham - Elizabeth Bouchard and Mollie Ann Clark 

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Portage - Kassandra M. Nelson 

Presque Isle - James Franklin Anderson, Peter Joseph Baldwin Jr., Grant Ward Bridges, Patrick Thomas Cash, Aron E. Chalou, Angela Cathy Cloukey, Miranda D. Cole, Elsa Rose Collins, Jaydyn Fox, Joy Gibson, Kamryn Dawn Gilmour, Ricky Alphonse Goupille, Gavin Hemphill, Tasha Teneicia Jeffers, Molly Arabella Kingsbury, Jake J. Kinney, Alana G. Legassie, Lisa L. Legassie, Christian Blake Lunn, Chess Sierra-Lynne MacArthur, Sophia L. Maile, Liz R. Michaud, Abby Michaud, Lizzy Nadeau, Jimmy Joseph Ocaya, Emily Susan Shaw, Julia Rose Sherman, Jacob David Sjoberg, Danielle Sue Steele, Jake A. Stevens, Sora Tajima, Melanee Allison Terry, Belle R. Thibault, Chelsey Renee Trombley, Ella S. Underwood, and Abbie Yarema 

Sinclair - Allison Ann Leonard 

Smyrna Mills - Lauren Reed Ouellette 

Van Buren - Tosha L. Martin, Tiffany Morrow, Danielle Ann Owczarek, and Andre Leo Rossignol 

Washburn - Kyleigh Emma Bray, Emily Nicole Driscoll, Grace McCrum, Steven N. Nader, Paul Stanley Tardie III, and Meg S. Wells 

Westfield - Caleb Ames 

Westmanland - Grady Keith McKeough 

Woodland - Makenzie Rose Conroy, Derik Stephan Michaud, Alexis E. Parker, Christina Marie Shaw, and Zakkary Tracy 

New Brunswick 

Beaver Dam - Lindsay Elizabeth Ann Kay 

Clarendon - Jocelyn Elaine Mclaughlin 

Fredericton - Nadine Martin 

Grand Bay-Westfield - Alison Hannah Gibson 

Miramachi - Julia Ingrid Matheson 

Perth-Andover - Jordan Renee Dickson, Marcy Dawn Francis, Zoie Mariah Goodine, and Nathan Daniel Spence 

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