Students in the University of Maine at Fort Kent Nursing program have a new high-tech way to learn about human anatomy.

The nursing students, both on the Fort Kent campus and at the University of Maine at Presque Isle, can learn the ins and outs of the human body with the universities’ acquisition of two state-of-the art Anatomage tables.

The tables, used by the world’s top medical schools and hospitals are described as the most technologically advanced 3D visualization systems for anatomy and physiology education.

UMFK’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree program, which is also delivered on the UMPI campus, provides students with nursing classes, labs, and clinicals each semester starting with the students’ very first semester and strives to deliver as many hands-on and high-tech activities as possible. These include mock hospital suites filled with equipment they’ll see in a real hospital setting to human patient simulator mannequins.

The program delivered at UMPI is designed to meet the needs of those who aren’t able to travel to Fort Kent to complete the BSN degree due to family or work responsibilities.

Erin Soucy, UMFK Dean of Undergraduate Nursing, says the university is pleased to have such a powerful teaching tool available for its professors and students . “Rather than seeing a picture in a textbook, students see a realistic, 3-D picture of body systems, organs, and even cells. Learning is an interactive process and students remember more when they can link content to a visual image.”

Both tables have arrived at their respective campuses and are being prepped for use in class. On the UMFK campus, the Anatomage table will be housed in Cyr Hall so a number of professors can use it for nursing clinical and biology courses. On the UMPI campus, the Anatomage table will be located in the Nursing lab in Pullen Hall.

If you would like to learn more about the Anatomage system or to watch a video on how the table works, visit To learn more about the UMFK BSN program, call 207-834-7600 or email To learn more about the program delivered on the UMPI campus, call 207-768-9532 or email

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