As the new guy, I'll be the one to ask. Are there tornadoes in Maine? Have they happened before? If so, how often? Have any tornadoes caused significant damage in Maine as far as we know? Time to investigate.

Distant Twister
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There Was Recently a Tornado Reported Next to Maine

Meteorologists for the National Weather Service in Grey, Maine (they cover N.H., too) actually reported on and covered a tornado that touched down in Dublin, New Hampshire Sunday, June 23rd, 2024. How close is that to Maine?

Dublin, New Hampshire
Google Maps - Dublin, New Hampshire

Wicked close! This was reported as an EF-1 tornado, which is the second lowest these twisters go. It was on the ground for a total of 4 minutes with peak winds of 90mph and traveled roughly 4 miles.

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The Different Severity Levels of Tornadoes

EF Scale

This is called the EF Scale. It's a way for meteorologists and everyone in weather to identify what threat level people may experience when it comes to tornadoes, and of course, relay that information to viewers, listeners etc. Now that we have been reminded of the different levels of tornadoes, how many tornadoes and at what ratings have they hit Maine ... if ever?

Maine Sees Tornadoes, but Very Few Annually

I like reading that good news, but with the weather being a little out of the ordinary lately, I had to ask. Maine's average for tornadoes every year is only two. Wow, that's incredible when being compared to other states, for example - Texas.

Tornadoes Touch Down Around Dodge City, Kansas Area
Getty Images/Brian Davidson

To put that average of only two tornadoes into perspective, the state of Texas is regularly the most active state with an average of 137 tornadoes touching the ground PER YEAR. Yeah, Texas is great, but we'll stay in Maine.

What's The Most Tornadoes Maine Has Seen in a Year?

In 2009, 2010, and 2014, the National Weather Service issued six tornado warnings in each of those years. Six was the most reported until 2017, when 7 tornado warnings were issued throughout Maine and New Hampshire. 

The tornadoes reported in Maine have always been on the lower end of the EF Scale and are only on the ground briefly, however, they can still cause damage.

The most destructive tornado on record in Maine began in Androscoggin County on Thursday, July 14, 1988. The tornado brought winds in excess of 73 mph and caused an estimated $2.5 million in damages, not adjusted for inflation. -

It's good to be prepared for anything, but when it comes to tornadoes in Maine, we can allow our anxiety to rest a little over these weather phenoms.

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