The annual Elks Soccer Shoot competition was held on Sunday at the University of Maine-Presque Isle featuring eight groups of girls and boys. The event is hosted and sponsored by the Presque Isle Elks Lodge 1954. Winners of the competition on Sunday are eligible to compete in the Maine Elks Northern District Shoot competition in Bangor on October 9.

Nearly 40 competitors took place in the event

There were 36 competitors in total for the 2022 Elks Soccer Shoot in Presque Isle. Competitors were placed in the division based on their age. Divisions were under 8-years old, 8-9 boys, 8-9 girls, 10-11 boys and girls, and 12-13 boys and girls. The winners of each division were also given a trophy for their victory. Runners-up received a trophy and soccer ball for their accomplishments.  

Congratulations to the winners of the 2022 Elks Soccer Shoot: 

Under 8 Girls – Aubrey Plant of Presque Isle; Runner-up Annie Humphrey of Presque Isle 

Under 8 Boys – Wilson Clark of Mapleton; Runner-up Jack Robertson of Presque Isle 

8-9 Girls – Jenna Strid of Woodland; Runner-up Hailey Plant of Presque Isle 

8-9 Boys – Madden Hebert of Presque Isle; Runner-up Wilder Young of Mapleton 

10-11 Girls – Sadie Trams of Ashland; Runner-up Layla King of Mars Hill 

10-11 Boys – Patrick Collins of Presque Isle; Runner-up William Browning of Fort Fairfield 

12-13 Girls – Lucy Cheney of Castle Hill; Runner-up  

12-13 Boys – Mason Pelletier of Easton; Jamie MacKay of Easton 

Elks Soccer Shoot winners and runners-up. Courtesy of Kevin Sjoberg
Elks Soccer Shoot winners and runners-up. Courtesy of Kevin Sjoberg

To learn more about the Elks Soccer Shoot and their other programs, you can follow this link. Congratulations to the winners and good luck when you compete in Bangor next month.

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