Houlton Police issues an advisory of  stolen catalytic converters. Officials said an increase of thefts has occurred on private property and at businesses around the state. Officials said as of now, Houlton has not seen this trend.

The Houlton Police  Department said they will be proactive and conduct increased patrols in areas where the thefts might occur. Places where vehicles are sold, schools and parking lots are a focus.

HPD said thieves are using different methods to steal the converters from parked automobiles and vehicles.

You are asked to reach out to Houlton Police if you see any of this type of activity. Call 532-2287. HPD also asks if you have any security cameras to adjust them to secluded areas.

Houlton Police said they are monitoring legislation proposed to limit the sale of catalytic converters to those with authority.

Read the full advisory posted to Houlton Police's Facebook below:

About HPD: Houlton Police Department serves Houlton and surrounding areas. The Chief of Police is Tim DeLuca. The department headquarters is located at 97 Military Street, Houlton, Maine. The business phone is 532-2287.

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