We all know that drugs have been a major problem in our communities, but we also have fantastic law enforcement who have been on top of things lately and cleaning up the streets. Chief DeLuca of the Houlton Police Department sent a message to the people stating there will be zero tolerance for illegal drugs in this community. 

Chief Tim DeLuca went on Facebook to tell the story of a traffic stop in August and how multiple agencies came together to defuse a drug involved incident in downtown Houlton. On the night of August 18, a traffic stop was conducted by Sgt. Travis Smith of the HPD after he noticed a vehicle driving erratically. While performing the initial traffic stop of 36-year-old Derek Nickerson, officers noticed several clues of drug use in the vehicle. Unfortunately, our officers are finding drugs during these stops regularly and are aware of the signs of trouble.  

Once Nickerson had been found out for having drugs in the vehicle, he became combative attempting to destroy evidence and lunged towards Sgt. Smith. The tussle between Nickerson and Smith took them both to the ground. Officers were able to subdue Derek Nickerson with an electronic device and detain him. 

After a search of the vehicle and investigation, Nickerson now faces five charges stemming from the August incident. He is charged with a Class B Felony of Trafficking in Schedule W drugs, refusal of arrest, and assault on an officer. Nickerson is also charged with falsifying physical evidence and violating his conditions of release. Among the evidence gathered was 50 grams of methamphetamine and just over $18,000 in cash, along with other evidence of drug crimes.  

Chief DeLuca credits the cooperation of multiple agencies in this case. As he said this is an example of "outstanding professional law enforcement" between the HPD, Maine State Police, Aroostook County Sheriff's Office and the Maine Warden Service. Thank you to all of our law enforcement for keeping us safe and cleaning up our streets. You do not get enough credit for all that you do for our communities. I am appreciative of the hard work and cooperation between multiple agencies in our area.

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