The Central Aroostook Chamber of Commerce maintains a calendar of all regional events and often hears from area residents and visitors alike that they use its calendar to find out what is going on.

Central Aroostook Chamber
Central Aroostook Chamber

The Chamber likes to promote events being held in the area, but need your help!

If your organization, club or group is hosting an event to raise funds for a non-profit purpose, you can send them a message on Facebook or to The more information they have about the event the better they can help promote it.

The Central Aroostook Chamber has developed a large audience for both its Facebook and online calendar. Please be part of it by sending them your information.

If you are just in the planning stages, that’s okay. They also receive calls asking if something is planned for a certain date. If they haven’t heard, then they can’t help to prevent events and activities conflicting for participants and an audience.

In addition to these resources, they also send a weekly update on events to their members. The local hotels, motels and cabins then have this information for their guests who may be interested in attending.

The Central Aroostook Chamber of Commerce collects and circulates information to promote and support the area.

The Central Aroostook Chamber of Commerce is organized for the purpose of advancing and publicizing the commercial, industrial, agricultural, civic and general interest of the communities served.

They serve over 20 communities in central Aroostook County. They also have a 24 hour tourist information center where posters and brochures can be displayed.

Contact them through the following information:

Central Aroostook Chamber of Commerce

3 Houlton Road,

Presque Isle, ME 04769


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