The Central Aroostook Chamber of Commerce is hosting the Maine-to-Quebec Winter Carnival Caravan, a County tradition since 1957.

The caravan is a guided tour through the North Maine Woods in caravan style to Quebec City. Caravan participants will take in sights such as snow-covered trees with the sun shining through, maybe a moose sighting and much more.

Caravaners will meet at Deans Motor Lodge in Portage Maine at 6 a.m. on Valentine's Day, February 14, for a delicious breakfast.  Then, once everyone has had their fill, the caravan will begin traveling through the North Maine Woods.

Each vehicle will have a two-way radio so everyone can communicate with each other and someone will be telling stories and the history of the caravan along the way.

The cost to participate in this trip is $35, which includes a pass, or effigy, to the Quebec Winter Carnival. Hotel and meals are the responsibility of the participant.

The caravan will cross into Canada at the St. Pamphile border crossing where the mayor will be presented a lovely gift from Maine


If you've never experienced the Quebec Annual Winter Carnival, it's well worth the trip. The snow sculptures. The snow slides. Snow castles. The amazing parade. Ice Sculpture Workshops. The hot cocoa. The croissants! Dress warm and see the lights, enjoy the food, and have a great time. It's an event that you wouldn’t want to miss.


Sign up for the Central Aroostook Chamber of Commerce’s Quebec Caravan trip today. The deadline to sign up in January 31. Email the Chamber at or call them at 207-764-6561.

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