Big impact from a small town 

The small town of Washburn has long known and felt the impact of longtime educator, administrator, coach and official, Ron Ericson. He will forever be attached to the Washburn school system and athletics, and will also be known as a Maine Sports Legend.

3 from Aroostook County to enter Maine Sports Legends in September

Ron Ericson was initially selected as a Maine Sports Legend in 2020 but the official induction was of course, like everything else that year, delayed due to the pandemic. He will be honored at a ceremony held in Brewer on September 18. This honor was chosen by a committee and is given to individuals that have been a vital part of Maine sports. Erison will be joined in the MSL shrine by Monica Bearden and Jonh Plourde as well. 

Coach Ron Ericson after the 1985 State Championship via
Coach Ron Ericson after the 1985 State Championship via

If you have ever met Ron, you know the type of even-keeled person he is, which makes his success at the highest levels no surprise. As an official in softball and soccer, he has worked multiple championship games across all classes. Ron had a championship career as a basketball coach at Washburn, and was the athletic director during a run of multiple state championships for the school. I have been fortunate to see Ron as an administrator and have had the pleasure of working with him as an official, this award is well deserved.  

A few words from the Legend himself

The Washburn school sent out a press release on their website announcing the honor. There were many heartfelt statements from Ron himself. A quote that stood out to me was Ron's true appreciation for each and every single person along the way, including some of the most.

I would like to thank student athletes that I have encountered in one capacity or another for the joy they have given to me.  I would like to convey to the athletes that I have coached in my coaching career a special thank you for everything.   The time goes by in such a blur.   I want to tell you just how much every moment has meant to me.   I have been so blessed from working with every single one of you.   I am a better person because of you all.  I have felt that I was able to coach the very best players around and I would not trade you all with any other school.  - Ron Ericson 


Congratulations to Ron Ericson, Monica Bearden, and John Plourde.

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