Warm and muggy Friday on the pitch 

Friday night featured a handful of soccer games for area high school teams as the regular season wraps up for the first full week. There is a long way to go until champions are determined in early November.


 The Washburn Beavers hosted the Madawaska Owls varsity soccer teams in Class D north action. Washburn's light poles for the field were up and now all they need is the power hooked up and the Beavers will be playing at night. Both teams from Washburn have new coaches and will work to rebuild, while the Madawaska teams will be looking to host playoff games later in the year.  


In the girls' game the Madawaska Owls controlled play throughout the game. The hot weather made for a difficult second half for both teams as they worked to build up their conditioning. Madawaska's offensive firepower was too much for the young Washburn team, and the Owls came away with a 6-0 victory.  

Madawaska and Washburn boys hit the over in the first half 

The boys’ game was full of back-and-forth action with the two teams combining for 11 goals in the first half. Madawaska found the back of the net numerous times in the first 25 minutes of the game, and then Washburn fought back with 3 goals of their own. The Owls were too much for the Beavers and Madawaska won the game by a score of 12-4. Up next for the Madawaska Owls teams' is a matchup on Tuesday against the Fort Fairfield Tigers. Washburn will be back in action on Tuesday taking on the Easton Bears.

Scores from around the County 

In other action on Friday, the Easton Bears defeated Central Aroostook 2-1 in the boys’ game. The girls’ game saw Easton beat their rival by a score of 3-1. Wisdom/Van Buren boys’ cooperative team defeated Fort Fairfield 5-2, and in the girls’ game Wisdom/Van Buren won by a score of 11-1.

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