4-Year-Old is remembered by loved ones

A celebration of life is being held on Friday for a 4-year-old boy that lost his life in the apartment building fire in Houlton on March 23. The fire sent the victims' twin sister and older sibling to the hospital and displaced dozens of other residents.


The services

Taimi Pinkham is being remembered by friends, family, and relatives on Friday during a service at Houlton Wesleyan Church, to be followed by a gathering at Rollerama. Taimi's obituary described the 4-year-old as a "fun loving little boy with a smile that could light up the room.” The cause of the fire that took the life of Taimi is still under investigation.

Via Bowers Funeral Home
Taimi Pinkham Via Bowers Funeral Home

A day that will live on forever 

These tragedies feel much worse when a life that was just beginning has been lost. Taimi had his entire future ahead of him and now his eight siblings will live on with the memory of their youngest brother. The entire community of Houlton was in shock the morning of March 23 when the fire overtook the downtown area. Crews battled dry conditions and winds that made knocking down the fire a difficult challenge.

Crews battling the apartment fire in Houlton on March 23
Crews battling the apartment fire in Houlton on March 23

Today is about Taimi 

There are many questions that remain unanswered to the public about how the fatal fire started, but those details will come out in time. Today is about remembering Taimi and honoring his brief time on Earth. This event will impact his siblings and loved ones for the rest of their lives and they will need patience and support in the coming years from their community.

Rest easy, Taimi.

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