A deceased man and a pipe bomb discovered last week at an apartment building on Parsons Street in Presque Isle has some citizens feeling uneasy. As details continue to trickle out to the public many people are concerned about the nature of the circumstances. The fact that there was a pipe bomb in a heavily populated neighborhood is leading to anxiousness among citizens working in the area, and those who have children at nearby care facilities.


"I just needed to get to my child and get home." - Anonymous local parent

The response from law enforcement to the incident last week was quiet and controlled. Despite having to close off Parsons Street the police presence did give the sense that the situation was under control. I have spoken to local citizens that worked near the building and some that had children at a nearby facility. The general feeling nearly a week later is one of unease. The phrase "pipe bomb” stirs the most emotion. What would have happened if it had detonated before it was discovered by authorities? Parents have been trying to get the worst-case scenarios out of their thought patterns.

Moving on while awaiting answers

We know that the area has been cleared and business has gone on as usual but the uneasy and anxious feelings around the situation have not gone away quickly. I have received numerous questions around the details of last Thursday and I can only pass along the factual information we receive. I understand that you want more answers and that you want them immediately but investigations of this nature take a lot of time and coordination.

The citizens and officers need a break.

As difficult as it may be, we are looking for ways to move on from this recent event. The frequency of events requiring a large police presence seems to be occurring more often in the area. This has taken a toll on the community as a whole. There is a mental tax that these events have taken on us all and many need a recharge. Thank you to the law enforcement agencies and individuals who continue to work tirelessly to keep the area as safe as possible.

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