Aroostook County Action Program, Inc. (ACAP) will continue to schedule interviews for households interested in the 2017/2018 Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) through April 30, 2018.

HEAP provides financial assistance to eligible households to offset the high cost of home heating. Currently, the average benefit is $848. Benefits are based on a formula that provides more assistance to those with the lowest income and highest energy costs.

Weeks of cold weather are still ahead and this is an excellent time to apply for HEAP as appointment slots are available. Qualified households may receive assistance with various sources of heat, including electricity, propane, coal, kerosene, oil, wood or wood pellets. Tenants having heat included in their rent incur higher rental costs to offset the high cost of home heating and may also qualify for a benefit. Tenants whose rent is subsidized with heat included may be eligible for a nominal benefit, however eligibility for HEAP may qualify them for a higher SNAP (food stamp) allocation.

Households are eligible to receive only one HEAP benefit per heating season. Applicants that may have been denied due to being over the income guidelines at the time they applied or did not qualify because documentation was not provided are certainly welcome to reapply. Households having income over the income guidelines may provide paid out-of-pocket medical expenses in the same time period their income is being calculated. These medical paid expenses may be medical insurance, dental or doctor bills, prescriptions, etc. Anyone who would like to schedule an appointment or obtain additional information may call ACAP’s HEAP Program directly at 1-800-585-3053 or 768-3053.

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