I was fortunate enough this week to be a part of the 2021 Stuff The Bus. The collaboration between The United Way of Aroostook, Aroostook County Action Program (ACAP), and Adopt-A-Block, collected school supplies for County children for the upcoming year. A special thank you goes out to our sponsor Priority Auto Sales; we appreciate your continued support of Aroostook County children.  

Via United Way of Aroostook FB

We started out strong in Houlton on day 1 almost immediately. A generous donation was made by the Potter family, and their business Potters Property Maintenance. I've always found that the business of the Houlton area has always made their people and children, the top priority. They are a business community that looks out for the greater good of everyone.  

Dustin Potter & Family make a donation. Via United Way of Aroostook

Presque Isle was the host site for day two of this year’s Stuff The Bus and we are thankful that we had a nice tent to stand under to keep dry. The rain did not dampen the spirit of generosity in the Star-City we have come accustom to. A special donation was made in the memory of Adam MacDonald, who was a strong supporter of our efforts in the past years. His mother, Cheryl Morris, collected supplies from all over the state and into the midwestern part of our country, and brought them by on Thursday. For more on Adam's story, you can read this piece from earlier in the week.  

Cheryl Morris making a donation in memory of her son, Adam MacDonald. Via United Way of Aroostook FB

Thompson Financial Group came by as an entire team and dropped off backpacks full of supplies for children. The team at TFG is constantly looking for the next opportunity to help the people in our area and they always show up in a large group.

Thompson Financial Group swings by with a big donation! Via United Way of Aroostook


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Thank you to all of the individuals who stopped by and made donations to this year's Stuff The Bus. We received several supply donations and monetary ones as well. You can continue to contribute to this effort by dropping off supplies at The United Way of Aroostook office at the Aroostook Centre Mall. Great job, Aroostook County! 

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