The Aroostook County Action Program (ACAP) announced on Monday that the lobbies at the Presque Isle (Main Street Location) and Houlton locations will be open to the public beginning Tuesday April 20th In a weekly briefing issued to the public, ACAP cited the increasing number of Covid-19 vaccinations in Aroostook County as one reason to reopen the facilities to the public. Additionally, a building modification to the Presque Isle location will be completed soon and will allow those visiting to properly follow the new protocols. 

There is no change at this time for the remaining ACAP facilities in Fort Kent, Madawaska, and Dyer Brook. Also, the Gouldville, PIRCTC, Hope and Prosperity Resource Center in Presque Isle, as well as the Early Care and Education Classrooms at Military Street and Region 2 in Houlton will see no changes in operations at this time.  

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To stay up to date with ACAP and their many programs you can follow their Facebook page and subscribe to their weekly email briefing. Founded in 1972, ACAP provides guidance to the community in responding to emerging human needs in the areas of Prevention and Wellness, Early Care and Education, Energy and Housing, and Workforce Development.  

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