Are you a business that collects protected health information including the patient's name, birthdate, Social Security number, medical condition, medical records number and date of admission, discharge or death?


Make sure your practice is HIPAA Compliant.

Join the Central Aroostook Chamber of Commerce, TD Bank and Greenmark IT, Wednesday, March 29 at 7:00am for breakfast at Café Sorpreso to learn more about protecting this information and your business. Please call the Central Aroostook Chamber of Commerce to reserve your seat.764-6561

Agencies required to follow HIPAA regulations must implement steps to maintain the security of patient health information. Safeguards include key card systems to track the individuals who have access to protected health information and secure electronic transaction systems to ensure any information sent electronically is equally protected.

HIPAA compliance refers to the steps that a medical or insurance business, including its employees, subcontractors and business associates, must take to ensure the security of this confidential information.

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