Caribou High School Recognizes Student's of the Month

In an effort to promote students that exemplify high quality character both on school grounds, and in the community. The Caribou High School Student of the Month are selected from candidates submitted by CHS faculty and staff.

High standards are set by the SOTM

Typically, these awards recognize students' that excel in the classroom and extra-curricular's but Caribou adds a community aspect to their criteria. This component is what separates the candidates from the field and I like that a student's community interaction is factored. A well-rounded student and citizen are someone who becomes the next business leader, principal, doctor, or even U.S. Senator that comes from Caribou High.

The March 2022 Student of the Month....

Dr. Eric T. McGough announced Freshman Landyn Waldermarson as the Caribou high school student of the month for March 2022. Landy's positive attitude, commitment to his education, and work in the the community made Perham an ideal nominee for the honor. Waldermarson will receive a certificate and also be recognized in the school and on their website throughout the next month.

Landyn Waldermarson - Caribou High School 2022 Student of the Month
Landyn Waldermarson - Caribou High School 2022 Student of the Month

The students excelling academically are to be recognized as they have faced several challenges since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic interrupted learning 2 years ago. Students have dealt with remote learning, in person classroom adjustments, and masking. Fortunately, we have begun to see a return to normal as masking policies begin to relax and healthy students are allowed to remain in school. 

One more hooray! 

Congratulations once again to Freshman Landyn Waldermarson, the March 2022 Caribou high school student of the month!

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