Even though there is still a lot of snow on the ground, the time is right around the corner when Mainers and those in New Brunswick will begin to plant their gardens.

We recently realized that we didn't want to wait until May to begin planting as some seeds require 70 - 90 days before you can harvest them.

So, my wife came up with an idea that could save some money and bring a sense of repurposing to the old pods you use to make coffee or tea in your Keurig.

Take a peek below and see what we did.

There are certainly other methods to planting, and we have used those also, but we thought we'd share what we did with you.

Have The Folks At Work Save Some For You

Thankfully, we have a Keurig machine at work and the nice folks I work with were more than happy to put their spent pods into a box for me to take home.

Gary Freeman, Getty Images

Cut The Tops Off And Empty The Old Grounds Out

You don't necessarily have to throw the grounds away. You can mix what little bit there is in the pod into your bucket or bag of planting soil.

You'll notice that there is a paper lining on the inside of the pod. I'd suggest you keep the paper inside the pod when you reload it with soil. It's not going to hurt anything and might even be a benefit.

Gary Freeman, Townsquare Media

Load The Pod With Planting Soil And Then Plant Your Seed

At this time, you can put your planting soil in the pod and plant the seed at the proper depth within the soil. If you label and load the pods in a plastic container, transporting them to a window or heat lamp will be much easier.

Gary Freeman, Getty Images

And now you're all set as you begin your planting season.

What cool, repurposing planting tips have you experienced? Please share them with us in the comments section below. Happy Planting and may a great yield this year be in your favor!