St. Agatha was the place to be

The competition was friendly, fierce, and high-pressured Wednesday morning inside a local gymnasium. MSAD #33, the Wisdom school district hosted their district Spelling Bee for students in fifth-grade through eighth-grade. 

Thank you to the organizers

Via MSAD #33 Facebook Page
Via MSAD #33 Facebook Page

Wisdom Middle/High School's Facebook page took time to recognize, applaud, and thank Mrs. Vicki Deschaine for running the event. Several girls and boys in grades 5-8 were vying for bragging rights as the best at orthography. (I looked that word up online, apparently orthography is a conventional spelling system.") Enough about me, let's meet the winners.

Jacob Daigle and Keagan St. Onge 

Congratulations to the winner of the district Spelling Bee, eighth-grade student Jacob Daigle. The runner-up was seventh-grade student Keagan St. Onge!

Did you know? 

The panel of judges for today's event were three volunteers, and the district thanked them for taking time to be a part of the Spelling Bee. I am thankful to see that there are people who are still willing to give their time to the future generations. The Spelling Bee is a nationally recognized event, and the National competition is broadcasted on ESPN and ABC during primetime. A focused effort on promoting the event has helped its popularity grow in recent years.

This accomplishment is more impressive now than years ago

When I was going through school, we were always told to not become reliant on high tech tools like calculators and spell-check on older versions of Microsoft Word. The students today have had auto-correct and many other developed tools that have made life easier, but some feel the tools have become too efficient and our learning gaps become larger. Seeing a large group of students competing in a traditional Spelling Bee is a very refreshing sight.

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