Aroostook County Action Program and Northern Lighthouse have signed a memorandum of understanding to provide seamless supports to clients throughout the County.

The memorandum of understanding, or MOU, outlines enhanced processes for the two agencies as they work to provide a more comprehensive service delivery to the individuals and families they serve.  Focus areas will include the Hope and Prosperity Resource Center, restorative practices, and staff continuing education.

Jason Parent, ACAP Executive Director/CEO, says ACAP is pleased to formally enter into this partnership with Northern Lighthouse. “Staff at our two organizations are tireless advocates for the people of our communities – many of whom access services from both agencies."

Tiffany Faulkner, CEO of The Northern Lighthouse, echoes Parent's assessment. “Our two organizations have recognized the increased need for services in our region.  This joint collaboration is a step forward in reducing barriers and increasing accessibility to services and treatment for the people of Aroostook County."

Both agencies serve clients across Aroostook County. Last year, collectively, the two agencies served nearly 15,000 clients. Both agencies continue to accept new clients as well as serve existing clients through a vast array of programming.  To learn more about services at either agency feel free to reach out to either or both agencies.

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