Some of the youngest customers of ACAP's Gouldville Early Care and Education Center will be celebrating an important milestone.

Friday, June 14, will mark the end of the school year for 33 kids enrolled in three Aroostook County Action Program Pre-K classrooms. They now will go on and make the big step into public school Kindergarten.

To celebrate this transition, the school will hold "field day" activities, a barbecue and acknowledge the accomplishments of those 33. To help in the celebration, all of the children attending Gouldville Early Care and Education Center as well as who attend the Presque Isle Regional Career Technical Center (PIRCTC) classroom, will participate in the day’s festivities.

ACAP Center Supervisor Megan Barnes call the milestone celebration. "awesome." “Transitioning into kindergarten is a big deal. For a lot of families, one of those important milestones is when their kids are finally ready for ‘Big School.’”

ACAP has been providing early childhood education in the community for more than 45 years. Children enrolled in the classrooms and their families receive the added benefit of access to and support from ACAP’s more than 40 programs and services. Classroom curriculum incorporates a daily routine with specific parts of the day so children will become familiar with the schedule.

Families and other guests will join in the fun for a barbecue menu of hamburgers, pasta salad, watermelon and popsicles, followed by a recognition ceremony for the 33 children who will be transitioning. Each will receive completion certificates to recognize their hard work developing skills throughout the year.

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