After many small businesses including some of their patrons wrote to the State of Maine regarding the definition of beverages to be included in the new take-out guidelines, the state finally responded.

Initially, under the Governor's stay at home order that included the closing of all dine-in restaurants, with the exception of the offering take out options, establishments could sell sealed beer and wine. Turns out now, that has changed to included spirited cocktails.

According to WMTW their are some rules that will accompany this temporary change. We have the verbiage and the specifics of each one of those new rules below.

According to the bureau of Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations,

  1. Cocktails must be accompanied by a food order and a sales receipt with a time stamp that indicates the time of purchase
  2. Cocktails must be batched for immediate use or created individually as needed to fill a customer order
  3. A container of cocktails must not exceed 4½ ounces of spirits
  4. Cocktails must be in a tamper evident container provided by the licensees using one of the following processes, for example: crown capped glass bottles; screw tops like a water bottle cap that break apart when opened; or vacuum- and heat-sealed pouches
  5. The container must have a label affixed that contains the following: name of establishment with date and time of production; and the contents of cocktail including the proof the spirits used to create.
  6. Licensees must only create “cocktails to go” for their own establishment
  7. Licensee opting to add cocktails to go must send an email to and to the licensee’s assigned liquor licensing inspector to provide notification that the licensee is conducting “cocktails to go” activities
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