Here is how you can help support three young ladies in our community

A simple gesture on Tuesday will go a long way in showing support to a community grieving and help support two local families during a traumatic time. Presque Isle high school will be wearing purple to show support to Rhiauna Davenport as well as the family of Aaron Marston.

Fill up the 5-Gallon Pale at Tuesday's Soccer Game 

Rhiauna is a student at PIHS and she is now facing a major battle as she prepares for surgery on a brain tumor. Rhiauna and her family are currently out-of-state as they tend to her immediate needs. Being so far from home for an undetermined amount of time means the family could use all the support we can provide. The two daughters of Marston are an integral part of this year's Wildcats soccer team that will begin their playoffs run on Tuesday.

Let's make this a sea of purple on Tuesday 

The Presque Isle girls’ soccer team will be hosting Ellsworth on Tuesday afternoon at 4:30 pm at the Johnson Athletic Complex. A 5-gallon pale will be at the concession stand throughout the game for those looking to make a donation to go to Rhiauna's family to help cover costs. I know that the great people of Presque Isle, Ellsworth, and beyond will overflow the pale with love. We would like to take the time to wish Rhiauna the best on her upcoming procedure and to let her family know we are here for you.

Rhiauna, Taylor, and Kacie: Your people love you 

When you put on the purple tomorrow you will be showing a group of resilient young ladies and their families that you have their back. Rhiauna, you have an entire County back home waiting for your return and cheering you on. Taylor and Kacie, you have an entire community wrapping their arms around you in every way they know how to. Go get em’  

Let us see the entire state of Maine lit up purple on Tuesday!

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