Spike in Motor Vehicle Burglaries

The Presque Isle Police Department is reminding you to lock your vehicle doors and remove all valuables. They said there has been a recent increase in motor vehicle burglaries citywide.

Take the obvious things inside with you for the night, and even during the day. Things like your cell phone, loose change, wallet, purse. 

Even if you have some sort of security camera like a smart doorbell, you might get it on tape, but the theft has already happened. Don’t give the thieves any temptation by leaving something of value in your car or truck.

Remove Valuables from Your Vehicle

You might think you have all the valuable stuff out of your vehicle, but other things in your car can be a problem too. Take any bags and clothes into your home - anything that gets someone’s attention. Don’t leave a lot of paperwork and miscellaneous items on your seats. Any electronics need to be taken out too.

You can do a lot of other things to deter criminals like have a light in the driveway, park in the garage if possible. Keep an eye on your neighbors property and ask them to do the same for you.

This Does Happen in the County

We would like to think this doesn’t happen very often in Aroostook County, but it can. When there’s a spike in burglaries and thefts, the best thing is to not give thieves any reason to steal from your vehicle. Let the Presque Isle Police know if there’s been an incident.

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Presque Isle Police Info

The Presque Isle Police Department is located at 43 North Street in the City of Presque isle. The Chief of Police is  Laurie Kelly. The business line is (207) 764 - 4476. Their email is pipd@presqueisleme.us.

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