The Presque Isle Police Department posted on their Facebook personal items stolen during multiple burglaries in 2020.

Officials said they seized them from a male who admitted taking them last year during the summer. 

Sentimental Value

Although the items were not reported stolen, police are trying to find the owners to return them. There are a variety of different things that officials believe might have some sentimental value to people. 

Presque Isle Police

There are coins, watches, cufflinks and some pins and a Mickey Mouse keychain. As the Facebook post reads, some of these items may mean something more to the people who lost them than the actual value of the object.

Presque Isle Police

Some items look like something passed down in the family like an heirloom. There are some comments on the post of other things people are missing and think were stolen.

Presque Isle Police

Contact Info

If you recognize anything that might belong to you or a family member, or someone you know, the Presque Isle Police Department would like you to reach out to them. You can contact them at the phone number provided, (207) 764 - 4476. 

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The Presque Isle Police Department is located at 43 North Street in the City of Presque isle. The Chief of Police is  Laurie Kelly. Their email is Addition Info about the city of Presque Isle: The City Manager of Presque Isle, Maine is Martin Puckett. Presque Isle City Hall is located at 12 2nd Street. The phone number is (207) 760 - 2700.

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