Cary Medical Center held its annual board meeting on Monday, January 8th and Doug Plourde was named new Board Chairman for the next two-year term.

Cary Medical Center
Cary Medical Center

The hospital also honored outgoing board members, James (Jimmy) Mockler who completed nine years of service and outgoing Board Chairman, Rob Kieffer who has served the board for 18 years, twice as chairman.

Doug Plourde is the owner of Plourde Furniture Company in Caribou.  The company which recently marked its 100th Anniversary originally opened in Van Buren but moved to Caribou in 1960.  Plourde, who is a native of Caribou, and his wife Stephanie have two children.

The new board chairman has served several years on the Board of Directors at Pines Health Services and as a member of the Caribou Hospital District for 15 years.  That experience peaked his interest in serving on the hospital board.

Cary Medical Center is the largest employer in the City of Caribou”, said Plourde.  “Joining the board took my exposure of the hospital to a new level and I believe it is important that we keep our hospital strong and this is a way for me to do my part and to be part of a great organization”.

Kris Doody, RN, and CEO for Cary Medical Center and Pines Health Services said that the hospital has been very fortunate to recruit talented, professional and dedicated community members to serve on the board of directors.

“It has been my experience over the past 19 years as CEO that the Cary Board has provided great leadership for the hospital”, said Doody who was recently named CEO for Pines.  “Health Care is a very complex industry and it is constantly in a state of change.  Our board members are very engaged, informed and they contribute in such a way as to bring the interests, and perspectives of the community, including the business community to the table.  They are great advocates for the hospital and our staff and they give generously of their time to keep up with the current issues”.

Outgoing Chair, Rob Kieffer was presented with a John Hafford Print on Canvas and Jimmy Mockler received a collage of the hospital also created by John Hafford. Others serving on the Cary Board are:  Officers:  Secretary, Kris Doody, RN, MSB, CEO, Treasurer - Galen Dickinson, CFO, Vice Chairperson - Michael Quinlin,

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