Can you believe that... 

Three times in the last week I have seen social media posts about a string of unusual petty crimes taking place in and around the Presque Isle area. While I'll never agree with theft, there are times when I understand why someone stole a particular item from another person. The most common theft we hear of are catalytic converters which can be easily stolen and flipped for cash.

This is a tough one to make sense of 

I'm not here to shame anyone in particular, because I do not know who would be stealing such a random item. It seems that there is someone around who loves collecting hanging flower baskets from the properties of other people. Yes, flower baskets.  

Hanging Flower Basket
Hanging Flower Basket

The first instance I saw was a beautiful and expensive basket that was lifted overnight. While I thought this was random and odd, I didn't think much about it at the time. One day later I read a separate post of someone claiming their flowers were stolen from them. Others in the comments relayed their stories of recent thefts taking place. Now, I see a pattern. A very strange patter. Who steals a hanging flower basket, honestly?


From the perspective of others 

Do you know the time it takes to keep these delicate flowers alive and well for us and others to enjoy? Maintaining a well-groomed property is not easy and it is far from cheap. These flower baskets were not put up for you to grab in the hopes of making a quick dollar. I would like to think that someone noticed these flowers needed some care and will return them soon looking better than ever. But I am doubtful that will be the outcome.

Here's a suggestion 

I know that times are becoming increasingly difficult for many people. However, theft of another person's property is not the answer and never will be. If you have a thought of stealing one of those beautiful baskets, stop. Maybe knock on the door next time and tell the homeowner that you admire the time and effort they put into making their home look amazing. Perhaps you could offer to water their plants for them next time.

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