The percentage of graduates from Northern Maine Community College who are employed, continuing their education or both is on the rise.


According to the 2015 Graduate Survey Report taken 6 months after graduation, 83% are employed and that number jumps to 97% when you add those who are continuing their education. This is the highest percentage ever achieved by NMCC.

“Our success rate had been holding steady at 93% for a number of years and that was a remarkable accomplishment,” said NMCC President Tim Crowley.

Ninety-one percent of the employed graduates are working in the State of Maine and 69% are working in Aroostook County.  Those numbers are the same as the year before.  66% of the graduates are working in their chosen field; and their average salary is $34,585.  That’s an average of $2,675 dollars more than was reported the year before.

The results are even more significant when compared to the 2012 survey.  At that time, 90% of the graduates were employed, continuing their education or both 6 months after graduation and 63% of the graduates were working their field.

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