Hunter Safety Course to be Held in Fort Kent
Is your child wanting to do some hunting this Fall, but you want to make sure they do thing safely? Why not have them attend a Hunter Safety Course?
Beginning on Tuesday, September 8th and running though Wednesday, September 16th, Fort Kent Adult Education will hold a firearms hunter safety course.
Hunter Safety Course to be Held in Houlton
Is your son or daughter looking to do some hunting this fall? You want them to learn the correct way, right?
Good news! Houlton/Hodgdon Adult Ed will hold a Firearms Hunter Safety Course in Houlton on Wednesday, August 12th and Saturday, August 22th.
LANE Construction Educates Firefighters
Bridgewater, ME – LANE Construction was at the Bridgewater Fire Department Tuesday night educating firefighters on safe and appropriate measures for responding to emergencies while driving through active work zones.

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