The wildly popular animated Maine series, Temp Tales is back with a new episode for us to watch as we unwind from shovelin' out after our first big storm of the year.

O' Chang Comics consistently take us into a world of wicked dubbahs that are chuggin beers, puffin' bowls, and sometimes gettin' the job done, an exaggeration of life in Maine...or is it? You be the judge.

If you are a fan of the crude humor that we are accustomed to around here, then this is the cartoon for you. If not, then do yourself a favor and move along.

We counted around 20 words that we can't say on the radio. Most of them are uttered with fervor by main character, Bud Kelly.

He's the fellah with no pants on, in the above photo. We're not sure why he's just wearin' friggin' skivvies. But when you are the star of the show, we suppose paradin' around in your tighty whities is absolutely your prerogative.

The Great Lost Strain Episode 3 took a hilarious look at the cannabis industry in Maine.

Here comes Episode 4 in which the cops show up at Bud's grow operation.

However there's a happy ending to the story with a surprising discovery in the woods that leads to enlightenment.


The very first Temp Tales video debuted on YouTube in 2012 and has received well over 700,000 views. It's called Meat Recall. As you can see by the animation quality, things have come a long way in the past 9 years. Still, this is always a friggin' hoot!


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